INTERVIEW: Local electronic artist Lu’Ami

We caught up with local electronic artist Lu’Ami to find out about her exciting event coming up in Brighton on 23rd April at St. George’s Church.

Alright Lu, please tell me about your amazing ‘Better Project’. What can people expect to see?

It starts at 6pm. People will be immersed in the immersive installation of growth; the meaning of growth. They’ll be projections everywhere, we’re gonna make the catwalk into a meadow, it’s sort of a visual representation of my music and the EP is like the meaning of growth basically.

So yeah and they’ll be a talk from Jarvis Smith who is the editor of My Green Pod and Green Magazine and he’s gonna give people some tips on how to be sustainable and just like give some kind of information on sustainability in general and then they’ll be an artist called Rusalka who’ll perform too.

Ooooh that sounds amazing, I’m excited.

Then there’s gonna be four stalls on each side of the church, so there’ll be stalls from local, sustainable artists such as SiSi who does like holistic beauty and then the fashion designers will be selling sustainable clothes and some embroidery as well, yep!

So, sustainability sounds like it must be quite a big deal to you, is that to do with your music as well?

Yeah so the link is the growth element, so basically my music is about personal growth. Well, what I believe is that growth happens from the inside out so my music is about personal growth so essentially by fixing yourself first, and by like learning to love yourself, learning about self development, self improvement, you will have more care and more love for other people and for the environment, then essentially we grow as one, we grow together as a collective of people helping our world.

That sounds really, really good.



Yeah! So there’s going to be two artists: You and Rusalka performing, and art installations?

Oh right, no, so the whole event is an art installation so like the installation is the room, that the whole event is happening inside.

Woooow thats gonna be sick!

And there’s a fashion show as well?

So yeah, after the interval I’ll perform a couple of songs, just me, and then for each song of my EP, which has 4 songs, I’ve got 4 designers, so I’ve got like a designer fitted to each song so I’ll be performing in the middle of the catwalk and they’ll be walking in front of me.

Lu, this sounds sick! I’m so excited!

How can people get tickets?

Well, there’s the Facebook event page which is called Lu’Ami presents BETTER and there’s the ticket link and all the Kickstarter information if people want to find out more about the event and how it happened.

We’re also featured on Fashion Revolution, upcoming events and we’ve been written about in Brighton Source.

So it starts at 6?


And how much is it if people wanna come?


£5? Bargain!

(laughs) Yeah, but we are planning to not sell tickets on the door, and we have about 50 left!

(now only 39!)

Ok so people need to get them soon, basically.

And for someone that hasn’t heard your music before, how would you describe it?

I’d say experimental, electronic pop, so yeah like catchy pop melodies over like some weird electronic stuff going on underneath!

Cool, so you’re going to be selling your EP there?

Yeah, so the deal with the EP is like we’re gonna have physical EPS for sale at the event, but i’m going to be releasing the digital version of the EP probably about a month after the EP. So it’s kind of an exclusive!

Sounds amazing yay! So it’s not for profit is it this event?

No, we’ve raised 100% of the funds from Kickstarter from local communities and a couple of people in America which is amazing and everyone at the event is working for free which is pretty fucking amazing.

That is! So you’ve got how many people involved with it and what are they doing? Can you describe what people are doing?

Yeah, we have so many people working at the event. I’ve got a Roadie, I’ve got 9 stewards, two security men, one person on lighting, one person on stage, one person to brief the stewards, and an event manager who I’ve been briefing about everything we want from the event so on Saturday I can pass it all on to her, so that I can just perform.

So yeah she’s doing that, and then Harper and Finch Embroidery are gonna have a stall then there’s Yo who’s a hair stylist who works in Black Eye Hair Studio in Kemptown, she’s been doing all the hair styling, we’ve been doing all the modelling casting at her studio there, the models are working for free. They are all working for portfolios. Photographers are working for free. We’re filming a documentary, which my friend matt is editing and organising. Yeah my sisters coming down and doing some dancing from her company LAVRAK and her boyfriend is a film editor so he’s helping the film team as well. It’s just that it’s a good cause so loads of people want to get involved.

So what do you mean by good cause?

Well just like the whole thing is to raise awareness of climate change, we aim to change what’s happening and also explore ways of how to fix it.

Cos I feel like a lot of the time there’s a lot of kind of stigma attached to, not necessarily the word ‘climate change’ but ‘hippy’, and a lot of preaching about ‘you should eat organic foods’ or whatever and I wanted to present in a kind of gentle way through unique art the same message, but not like shoving it down people’s throats just kind of showing them how living a sustainable life is not that much different to what they already do but by making tiny changes to your day to day routine we can make a massive effect on the environment.

All sounds great!

(laughs) Yeah! Thank you.

So I think we’ll leave it there then, good luck!

I hope it goes really well.

Yay! You’ll be there to watch it. I’m so excited!


Immerse yourself in art, music, sustainable fashion and a whole lot more at Lu’Ami’s explosive event to launch her EP ‘Better’ on the 23rd April. For more info and tickets, go here:


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