REVIEW: Meg Lawrenson @ The Hope and Ruin, 08/02/2020

Credit: Alice Pierre

Brighton student Meg Lawrenson showcases her incredible talent at The Hope and Ruin

Meg Lawrenson and her band rocked the stage at ‘The Hope and Ruin’ pub, with their outstanding musical talent and the powerful voice of the 23 year old singer-songwriter, sending chills down everyone’s spine from the very beginning of the performance. 

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Credit: Alice Pierre

Her songs, a variety of themes that revolve around mental health issues, break ups and feelings describing the outcome of the hard times in life, were performed with passion. All captured with the singer’s facial expressions that made the show even more captivating. As the members of the band stated, they all have different musical styles, personified through the way they present themselves. They introduced punk, rock’n’roll, country, pop, experimental music and blues as their musical influences. This combination of musical genres allows them to harmoniously create a new sound, their own sound, representing them as artists and getting the best possible outcome on stage.

‘Just playing together’ is one of the best things of performing live ‘it’s nice to see everyone kind of coming out of their shell, when it is a really good gig, everyone is loving it, everyone is just having fun, and when you get that, it doesn’t really matter what goes wrong’ the singer stated.

The pleasure that they get through this experience was evident by the way that they were interacting on stage. Playing with a serene certainty and an excellent control in the singer’s voice, within the friendly atmosphere that a passion like theirs need.

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Credit: Alice Pierre

Meg is currently doing a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Brighton. She admits that it gets very busy, but she is dedicated in graduating while working on her music at the same time. At the start of her undergraduate degree in music, three years ago, she was really passionate about her dream and she put the effort into creating a band.

‘I kind of had people fill in for me because I wanted to be more of a solo act playing with a band. Then along the way I found these guys, because I had lots of musicians playing for me, and now we are an actual band.’ the singer said.

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Credit: Alice Pierre

So, they ended up forming this music group, which is composed of Meg and three more members. Andrew Stevens plays the guitar, Steph Deakins is on the drums and Jacob Constance plays the bass guitar. Having this answer as a base, we got the opportunity to ask them what they choose to do if they were not given the chance to play music, which would be a really sad scenario. Meg admitted that she would do something in the film industry, possibly writing scripts. Andrew would love to be a chef. Jacob would probably be an astronaut. Finally, Steph would get into tattoo artistry because it is something she has been thinking about since college.

Simultaneously to their everyday life, the band is planning their next tour, called ‘Everything So Far Tour’. It begins in April and finishes around summer, while sharing with us their hopes for a Euro-tour in the future. This would be a great opportunity to give the chance to more people to get to know them and their beautiful songs. 

For anyone that did not have the opportunity to listen to them, make sure to book your tickets for April and listen to their songs on Spotify or Youtube to sing them out loud during their next concert.

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