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NEW MUSIC: Al Ross & the Planets

Al Ross & the Planets return after a somewhat prolonged break, having discovered their love for music was one that couldn’t be ignored. The blues band spent the early Nineties preforming covers in some of the biggest venues across the country, including London’s legendary Camden Palace and the Road House, alongside many other iconic venues across the globe.  The band truly knew how to entertain a crowd, with Laura Lee Davies, TimeOut’s chief music critic at the time, claiming that seeing The Planets was one of the best nights out in London.

When original members Alan Ramirez, Alex Mungo and Paul Freeney decided to reunite, they added George Walsh, Dave Brammer and Paul Miller to their line up for a fuller sound. The band started gigging once again across London and began writing. Their ambition was to record their music with a more authentic approach, really allowing the listener to engage with a live experience. With that, they thought, what better place would there be to record their comeback album than the legendary Abbey Road Studios? The upcoming album The Planets 1 was thus recorded and mastered, and is set for release in May this year.

If you’re curious to see what they sound like, and can’t wait for May (me neither), I have good news – their debut single My Love For You, which is featured as the opening track on the upcoming album, is already released. Fittingly, the single was released on Valentines Day and really does fit with the band’s expectations of their new album. Vocals/bassist Alan Ramirez in a recent interview explained that the record was one of their first songs they wrote back in the 1980s, and is an intensive love song that “starts off quietly, and takes a life of its own”. An epic 8-minute track, the song features a big band punch and edgy vocals – this is certainly no throwaway pop you’d find in the charts today and have forgotten by next month.

Be sure to keep an eye on the band, as a little birdy told us they’re releasing another single from the album, The River, in the coming weeks. The two tracks set the scene for an album that is set to give an amazing listening experience, which already has many waiting for its release.

My Love for You by Al Ross & the Planets is out now! Find it on iTunes here.

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