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PREVIEW: Nimmo @ Green Door Store, 26/11/2016

The Verse’s Sophie Wyatt previews the brilliant indie-electronic five piece Nimmo ahead of their headline performance at the Green Door Store on Saturday 26th November

Returning to Brighton on November 26th is voltaic five-piece group Nimmo. Formally known as Nimmo and the Gauntletts, the London-based band are up and coming in the indie/techno genre. After supporting both MØ and 2014 Brits Critics Choice award winners Years and Years, Nimmo are now on tour themselves. Being a fan of indie music myself I really enjoyed listening to their music. I would compare some of the songs, such as My Only Friend, to some of the electronic type of music by La Roux produced a few years ago.

Sarah Nimmo and Reya Gauntlett, who have known each other for many years before forming the group, are the two singers within the group. The different tones of their voices really compliment each other and give different levels to the upbeat and relatable songs as they sing in unison. Although their lyrics mainly deal mostly with the emotions revolving around love and loss of it, they keep it on unbelievably catchy tunes. To me the fact I can relate to the lyrics but also dance to the songs makes me even more attracted to the group. Safari in particular goes through the ideas of not being able to trust someone but loving them, but on a very electronic-dance kind of vibe, which makes it more appealing for a wider audience. And we get the chance to see them on their last performance of their small tour around England on the 26th of November at Green Door Store.

Nimmo return to Brighton for a headline performance at the Green Door Store on Saturday 26th November. Tickets £7 – book HERE.

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