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PREVIEW: ALPINES @ The Prince Albert, 22/02/2017

The Verse’s Lottie Wilson tells us what to expect when ALPINES perform at The Prince Albert, Wednesday 22nd February

If you haven’t heard of ALPINES, you’re missing out. The futuristic duo from London consist of guitarist Bob Matthews and vocalist Catherine Pockson. They have supported The Naked and Famous and Florence + the Machine, and are now embarking on their own UK headline tour.

After two fruitful EP’s they released their first full studio album in 2014 with Untrue Records. Oasis had a techno ambiance with sharp catchy lyrics. Their current tour is to promote the most recent album Another River, released in late 2016.

Luckily we had the chance to interview the pair ahead of their Brighton gig to learn a bit more about them. They will be performing at The Prince Albert on the 22nd February.

Firstly, their name was intriguing – could they be referencing the Alps? They were indeed inspired by the mountain range, but specifically the flower similarly named “Alpines”. These plants bloom in the highest reaches of the mountain “and can withstand extreme conditions” – a metaphor that they found fitting.

Critically their sound is described as synth pop. But when questioned, they labelled their latest album as “Minimal Soul”. It’s a real struggle to define the fusion of ethereal vocals with overpowering bass but this is clearly intentional, with the duo describing their music as “emotional and raw”.

Whilst living in London has certainly inspired them, the duo credits the internet for a ‘world wide understanding of music’. Their influences boast this international knowledge. Bob favours The Beatles and Nils Frahm, whilst Catherine is inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu, Prince and Sampha. This eclectic mix of genre has clearly moulded and sculpted their individual style.

Another River is an account of their hard work and commitment. Typically, to write a song Bob will set a beat whilst Catherine sits at the piano and focuses on the lyrics. For this album, they wrote over a 100 songs. Taking years to perfect. These were whittled down to create the ten track album; an album that the duo confess they are very proud of.

We are most excited to hear Heaven, their pulsating 2016 track, as the crowd will likely go crazy! When quizzed what their favourite track to perform is, unsurprisingly the pair have very different answers. Catherine enjoys exhibiting her vocal range whilst performing Motionless, while Bob favours performing the energetic Stay as it is always a crowd pleaser. Pleasing their fans is important to this pair. Meeting and entertaining their fans is one of their favourite parts of going on tour. They also love exploring new cities and can’t wait to hit some festivals this summer.

If you are a fan of synth, delicate vocals and heartfelt lyrics certainly give this band a listen. Make sure to grab tickets and head down to The Prince Albert on the 22nd!

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