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PREVIEW: Blossoms, VO5 NME Awards Tour @ Brighton Dome, 18/03/2017

The Verse’s Kate Horrobin and Alex Berdugo preview Blossoms, in association with the VO5 NME Awards Tour at the Brighton Dome, Saturday 18th March 2017

When Blossoms released their debut single You Pulled a Gun on Me in 2014, it was clear that they were no ordinary indie-pop band. The drifting vocals on the psychedelic instrumental were a unique twist on the genre’s norm, making the tune undeniably loveable. What could follow created an even bigger impact? The release of the single Charlemagne and their hit, self-titled album.

Charlemagne took the indie world by storm with its synth-based hook and terrifically catchy chorus. Tom Ogden’s voice is bright and welcomes you to sing along, an essential component to the success of Blossoms. The rhythm section consists of bassist Charlie Salt and drummer Joe Donovan, who seem to meld their instruments into a single driving force. This powerful musical foundation paves the way for Josh Dewhurst’s lead guitar skills, and Myles Kellock’s exceptional synthesiser work. All of these components are quintessential for the Blossoms sound. One that distinguishes them from all the rest.

Sponsoring up and coming bands such as Blossoms, and bringing them to the Brighton Dome on the 18th, is the NME Awards Tour, a long standing event first set up by NME in 1995 with an aim to offer a national platform for growing indie-rock artists. Sponsored by VO5, the tour has the potential to catapult artists in to the nation’s spotlight. Previous line ups have included the Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club, Florence and the Machine, Stereophonics and many more.

Charlemagne was the song that propelled Blossoms into the spotlight. A storm of hype for more material in its wake. Subsequent singles My Favourite Room and Honey Sweet gave the audience exactly what they hoped for. Diversity, and confirmation that Charlemagne was the first of many. My Favourite Room is a stripped back tune reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys, laid back but also carrying a hefty sense of style. While Honey Sweet is an energetic a relentless track that is sure to last the test of time.

When their album dropped in the summer of 2016, Blossoms secured their place as in the forefront of indie music. At Most A Kiss contains a ferocious 80s vibe and a pounding soundtrack that listeners of Blossoms crave. While the final track Deep Grass takes a different route and makes it irresistible to head bob along.

Blossoms have demonstrated their incredible potential in a genre of copycats and one hit wonders. The sky is the limit for this explosive indie band.

Joining Blossoms on the VO5 NME Awards Tour is the fresh faced Manchester band Cabbage. The neo-punk five piece satirises what it means to be a dinner lady, and living in the ‘uber capitalist death trade’ through their idiosyncratic discordancy. Experimental and full of attitude, they will no doubt be providing a performance that won’t easily be forgotten; with the interesting search results that ‘cabbage’ produces on YouTube. It may be worth checking them out for yourselves. Also Joining the bill, indie pop mastermind Rory Wynne opens for both bands on the tour.

Calling at the Brighton Dome on March the 18th, Blossoms and the legendary VO5 NME Awards Tour is one not to be missed.

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