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PREVIEW: City Sound Project, Canterbury, 29-30/4/2017

The Verse’s Csenge Krokovay previews Canterbury’s student-centred City Sound Project this year, featuring Spring King and more!

After a day trip to the ancient city of Canterbury, you may think there’s not a lot going on. Sure, it’s pretty, but does it warrant a trip? Yes, it does. Because, in April, the historical hub is home to City Sound Project – a metropolitan music festival centred around students.

Established in 2012, the festival brings music of all genres – from electronic DJ’s to live performers – plus national and international artist, poetry and art to one place, over 48 hours. Vibrant and with lots going on, this boutique festival transforms the whole city into a party – and who wouldn’t want to go to a party held within Canterbury’s Roman Walls for a weekend?*

Festivalgoers can party in the culture-rich in UNESCO World Heritage venues, like the famous medieval Westgate Tower of Canterbury and the 18th Century Greyfriars Chapel, which are just two examples. 13 venues include castles, churches, secret gardens, warehouses and riverside stages are waiting for wristband holders, plus a whole load of local booze. Taking to the stage at the unique Kent festival is a brilliant lineup, which is made up of White Lies, Lady Leshurr, Spring King, Youngr, Will Joseph Cook, INHEAVEN and many, many more.

The festival is important for numerous aspects for the town. Firstly, Canterbury does not have many events like this, but as a city with a large amount of independent music artists, the creatives need a platform to display their music, talents and promote their albums. So you just know there’s going to be an abundance of raw, local talent at City Sound Project.

It is also important for the students of Canterbury, as the city’s population is mostly made up of those who have come to study at the University. Hence, City Sound Project is shaped as a ‘student’ festival, with local bars and companies taking part in the festival with special offers for students.

There will also be some great local venues getting involved, offering food, spirits, ales and local Kent ciders.

And lastly, the festival puts Canterbury in the spotlight in the UK, encouraging tourism for this beautiful English town and ensuring that nobody leaves thinking “there’s not a lot going on” there ever again.

For full & up-to-date lineup, and more information, visit City Sound Project 2017 here.

Tickets for the festival start at £22 for the day and £27.50 for the full weekend.

Once you’ve bought your tickets and checked in, a map of Canterbury and a full festival program will be provided with locations and timetables of the gigs.



We have FOUR tickets up for grabs for the entire weekend + camping; all you have to do is share the article on social media! Winners announced 23rd April 2017.

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