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PREVIEW: Deap Vally @ Concorde 2, 21/09/16

Uncompromising in their approach, Deap Vally’s unique brand of guitar-laden feminist garage rock looks set to enthral all in attendance during their short jaunt around the UK this September.

It’s been three years since their debut LP, Sistrionix, loudly announced the arrival of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards onto the male-dominated rock scene. The Californian duo are unafraid to champion the power of womanhood, with recent single Royal Jelly being described as a celebration of ‘strong, creative women’.

New album, Femejism, is set for release on September 16th, giving fans just enough time to get acquainted before the scuzz infused anthems that the duo specialize in are unleashed with furious energy across Madeira Drive and the sea beyond.

While winning over fans in their early years has seemingly come easy to Deap Vally – particularly in the UK – with its fondness for American blues-rock duos (see The Black Keys or The White Stripes, to name but a few), the band took the controversial decision to leave their label, Island Records, in the run up to the recording of Femejism. With total creative control the band have been able to avoid the fate that befalls many similar artists who are pressured into diluting their sound for the sake of commercial appeal. Instead, the powerful riff driven rock music that incites such raucous live shows will be fully present on the new record, if singles Smile More and Gonnawanna are reliable indicators.

Deap Vally arrive in Brighton’s Concorde 2 on the 21st September. Tickets are priced at £12.00 plus booking fee and are available here.

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