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PREVIEW: Eliza and The Bear @ Concorde 2, 12/02/2017

The Verse’s Alex Berdugo previews Eliza and the Bear, performing at Concorde 2 this Sunday 12th February

Eliza and The Bear, an exciting and new indie rock band from London, have come a long way since 2014’s Light It Up EP. After the initial success that record brought they have released another EP, four singles and a sensational debut album. They bring to the table a perfect formula that all musicians seek to achieve but very few manage to do. A unique sound and superb musicianship. Each member of the all-male five piece is a strong creative force, ensuring that Eliza And The Bear is not just another indie band.

James Kellegher’s vocals are the first aspect of their music you notice. His raw emotion is immediately obvious in his soaring performances. He seems to ‘pop’ in the mix, taking the songs to new heights. However, the band’s instrumentalists play a large role in supporting his voice. Martin Dukelow displays admirable skill on the guitar, drenching his tone in reverb to bring his signature six-string sound to life. Callie Noakes (backing vocals, keyboard), Chris Brand (bass guitar) and Paul Kevin Jackson (drums), make up the rhythm section, and all compliment each other like love triangle.

Light It Up is a highlight of their album. Unashamedly upbeat, it is a perfect summation of all things Eliza And The Bear. A proper clap along anthem, it is a tune sure to be a hit with a live audience. In time, this song will become a true indie classic. It is evident that the band will produce plenty more genre staples.

It Gets Cold is another stand out track of their album, also released as a single a year prior. The song has hints of folk in its backing track, almost reminiscent of Mumford And Sons during the verses. The relentless percussion and the sparkling guitar go exquisitely hand in hand, providing a platform for the vocals to shine. The chorus is a change of tone, unforgivingly catchy and sets the song aside from the others.

Eliza And The Bear are the next big thing in indie rock, set to take Concorde 2 by storm as support for Little Comets. I thoroughly recommend their album to anyone who is a lover of indie music. To anyone wanting to hear a band that breaks the mould and doesn’t sound like the rest.

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