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PREVIEW: Enter Shikari @ Brighton Centre, 22/11/2017

The Verse’s Tom Evans previews Enter Shikari ahead of their show at Brighton Centre on 22nd November 2017. 

Enter Shikari formed over 15 years ago and quickly developed a cult following with singles such as Sorry You’re not a Winner. Over the years, this fanbase has grown significantly; now the band tour arenas and some of the larger venues around the UK and Europe.

This current tour, including a stop off at Brighton Centre, is to coincide with the release of their fifth album, The Spark. Constantly pushing their sound, lead singles from the album such as Live Outside and Rabble Rouser sound like they were made to fill these larger venues.

Their sound is quite unique, incorporating the anger of traditional post-hardcore riffs with more electronic styles such as trance. Over time their lyrical content has become increasingly politicised, providing a commentary on social injustice and other issues such as climate change.

On this current album, social commentary remains. However, some songs are more personal, with vocalist Rou Reynolds singing about his own anxiety.

Like many bands, it is live that they really come into their own. They feed off the energy in the crowd encouraging mosh pits and even human pyramids!

Support on the night comes from Lower than Atlantis and Asteroid Boys.

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