PREVIEW: Flamingods, Hope & Ruin, 08/07/2016

Flamingods are a band that started a few years ago as a “bedroom project”, that is, they could not have recorded their first album without internet access; founding member Kamal hooked himself up to an eclectic mix of musicians around the world via the marvel of Wi-Fi connectivity. Through such wondrous channels of communication they erected their distinctive sound.

Said distinctive sound takes in the template of sixties style rock and infuses it with lush, outlandish instrumentation and Animal Collective’s predilection for sonic exploration. As such their music is more of a landscape than a series of songs; evoking unexplored jungles, forgotten ruins, baking, blasting desert and more exotic stuff that makes us Westerners wet with glee.

Their recent album, Majesty, was released via Soundway last month, a label that fits Flamingods influences well given its propensity to dodge trad indie styles in favour of mambo rhythms and sassy Spanish psych*. Majesty truly lives up to its name; it is a masterful work to listen to; beginning with Flamingods have said that contained within the dense jungly music there is a story that begins in the morning and ends at evening time.

The album’s inception features wiggly, uncertain guitar chords like a sunrise reflected on a rippling ocean, but Flamingods implore us to not enjoy the scenery too much, they wish to take the listener on an adventure through sun-dappled plains via forests inhabited by twattling toucans and whistling macaws.

Though strictly speaking this is psychedelic music at it’s finest, I don’t think that the crowd will need much chemical stimulation to allow them to appreciate the sonic scenery; Flamingods are trip-tastic enough! You can catch them at The Hope & Ruin on the 8th July.


Tickets are £8 in advance and probably more on the door so get in quick.

*See Meridian Brothers

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