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PREVIEW: Gregory Alan Isakov @ The Haunt, 25/03/2017

The Verse’s Georgia Nicolaou previews the performance of Gregory Alan Isakov, due to hit The Haunt on Saturday 25th March

The second I heard Gregory Alan Isakov, as a supporter act of Passenger, I knew I had to see him at his own concert. So I am pleased to say that his amazingly deep voice is playing at The Haunt on Saturday 25th March.

Isakov, originating from Colorado, is a solo artist who will be accompanied by the Colorado Symphony. Singing songs from his latest album Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony. The highly anticipated dates of this European leg of the tour may also feature songs from his previous albums The Weatherman and That Sea, The Gambler.

Songs from this album are set to be huge hits. He also has music videos already filmed and published for tracks such as, Liars and Living Proof. Isakov’s voice, which reminds me of melted chocolate, will completely fill a room. He tells stories of his experiences. However, some of the songs that appear on this album and on the set list are probably songs that you have already heard before. The only original song on this album is Liars written by a friend of Isakov’s.

I personally cannot wait to hear an entire hour of Isakov’s voice. Whilst he strums elegantly on his guitar and dances around stage to his more upbeat songs. If you want to check out Gregory Alan Isakov on Saturday 25th March, definitely buy tickets on The Haunt’s website!

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