REVIEW: DMA’s @ The Old Market, 28/10/2016

The Verse’s Rebecca Bench tells us what she thought of DMA’s performance at The Old Market on 28th October

The Old Market in Hove was a brilliant venue to host the DMA’s; perfectly sized for crowd to move along with the music. The band have had a busy year to say the least, performing at major festivals all over the world: Glastonbury and Coachella, multiple tours in the UK, Australia and the US. On the 28th October they played their penultimate UK show right here in Brighton, before finishing off their year playing festivals in Australia.

As we got there early we caught the support band’s full set – Scottish 6-piece Neon Waltz. Although I had never heard them before the band were instantly likeable. Full of melodic tunes, their set was easy to listen to. A particular favourite was their new single ‘Dreamers‘ which had a certain familiarity to it, making it easy to sing along to even if you didn’t know it. However as their songs were slower than DMA’s, they didn’t get quite the same reaction from the crowd.

DMA’s themselves were incredible. Their Brit-pop feel definitely appeals to all ages; with people ranging from 14 to 50 filling the audience. After seeing them perform at Glastonbury and Latitude, I wasn’t sure what to expect from one of their own shows; but they delivered a brilliant set to an incredibly lively crowd. They kicked off with ‘Play it Out’. It demanded the crowd sing along and was met with a lot of excitement.

The band filled their set with songs from Hills End, the band’s debut album released earlier this year, and full of anthemic tunes. The DMA’s also covered Madonna’s ‘Beautiful Stranger’, which was a low point for me. Even though it was a good cover, they have so much material that a cover was unnecessary. Especially when you know they have a big backlog of songs they could slot in. Despite this, they quickly turned it back up again, managing to fit in another four songs, including their notorious debut single ‘Delete’, before they even reached the encore. Ending on ‘Lay Down’, DMA’s left on a high. Lead singer Tommy O’Dell leaving the stage before the rest of the band had even finished playing. They know how to make an exit, leaving you wanting more.

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Fri Nov 11 , 2016
The Verse’s Rebecca Bench interviews Australian indie pop band DMA’s to discuss touring, their sound and the year so far. It seems as though you have had a really busy year touring, have you been able to write music while you’ve been on the road or are you going to […]

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