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REVIEW: Eliza and the Bear @ Concorde 2, 12/02/2017

The Verse’s Alex Berdugo reviews Eliza and the Bear at Concorde 2, on the 12th February 2017

Eliza and the Bear were only the support act, yet the turnout was the impressive standard expected from a headlining band. The crowd stood pressed against the barrier, fighting for the best view. The luminous lighting made the instruments glow, creating a powerful atmosphere of anticipation.

When the band took to the stage, they opened with their hit single Light It Up. It was immediately clear that Eliza and the Bear meant business. James Kellegher’s vocals were just like the record, sounding even better with the choral arrangements from the crowd. The pounding chorus of the song had the audience members moving to the beat, jumping up and down and letting go.

Playing Upon The Northnext, they had obviously constructed a setlist of the most popular songs from their debut album. The light show brought a new dimension to each song, creating a unique ambience during the respective performances.

The five members of Eliza and the Bear were energetic and engaging to watch. Paul Kevin Jackson on the drums demonstrated exceptional talent, never missing a beat and taking each tune to the next level. Meanwhile, keyboard player Callie Noakes showed great emotion, passionately fist pumping and singing. Guitarist Martin Dukelow and bassist Chris Brand must have set a record for the most head-banging at a gig: a fantastic spectacle to watch.

Eliza and the Bear and their audience definitely bounced energy off of one another, reciprocating movement and increasing support. The crowd felt unified under the umbrella of the superb indie rock songs being played, a phenomenon not common from a support act.

Unfortunately, the band were only afforded thirty minutes of stage time; a shame as it felt like their night had only just begun. Despite this, they ended their set with one of their most popular songs Friends. Thus they finished on a high, leaving an impact of the audience before Little Comets shortly after.

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