REVIEW: Galactic Empire @ Patterns, 04/02/2017

The Verse’s Sophie Baldock witnesses Darth Vader’s heavy metal-filled Brighton invasion.
galactic empire brighton
Galactic Empire played Brighton Patterns in their Star Wars outifts on February 4th 2017

Due to train delays, I found myself missing the first opening act. Walking in at the final scream of Mask of Judas, which was followed by a room of applause, I clearly guessed the band was thoroughly enjoyed.
Whilst the second opening act was readying themselves, the room was flooded with the sound of heavy metal being blasted from the speakers as a whole range of people walked in. From long-bearded men in Star Wars shirts and leather jackets, to young people with a variety of awesome hairstyles along with leather jackets – they seem to be the thing to wear to a heavy metal gig.

One of the best people in the crowd, though, was a guy dressed in full costume of what seemed to be Boba Fett.
The second opening act, Sithu Aye, was truly mesmerising. The guitarist had the whole crowd cheering at the end of every song with the lights adding even more to the already energetic atmosphere. Band members seemed to have an amazing time showing us what immense talent they have as they got into the swing of their music, getting the audience all buzzed and pumped up for Galactic Empire.
Blue lights are shining across the stage as the band walk on and the room cheers even louder as Darth Vader struts onto the stage. They burst straight into music with the Star Wars main theme. The music vibrates in my chest as I can’t help but grin at the whole scene before me.
Merging into their heavy metal-infused Imperial March, as the familiar sense of childhood fear spikes for a mere moment with the connection between this song and one of the most feared villains who just happens to be standing right in front of the audience.
Darth Vader announces: “citizens of the United Kingdom, we are Galactic Empire” and then obviously orders us to kneel – which gets a nice round of laughter as he begins to have a cheery chat to us all before heading into the next song.
As the gig continues, Red Guard and Stormtrooper really do get into the music, both dancing and shaking their heads, earning a few laughs at their antics. Darth Vader ‘disposes’ of a rebel amongst us as well as throwing a bit of a fit when one of the epic light displays fails.
The show is infused with heavy metal, costumes, jokes – with one being about the Empire being attacked by ‘little fuzzy bear’ – an atmosphere of excitement with the enthralling light display and a feeling of nostalgia.
With a clear, genuine enjoyment from both Galactic Empire and the audience full of leather-cladded fans, the band leave us with a final encore as they get us all to cheer one last time before they leave our planet to travel across the galaxy.

The Verse Staff

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