REVIEW: MØ & Nimmo @ Concorde 2, 11/10/2016

The Verse’s Lottie Wilson headed down to MØ & Nimmo’s show at Concorde 2 on Tuesday 11th October, and had a chat with the support act themselves prior to the gig…

As the sun set on Tuesday 11th October, Concorde 2 was bustling with sound checks and set preparation. All the while, I still managed to catch up with Nimmo’s vocalists Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett. Upon meeting the front women, it was apparent how modest they were: perched on a sofa in the bar, they were happy to chat ahead of their performance and they seemed flattered to talk about their musical endeavours. Unexpectedly, the band are already well acquainted with MØ after supporting Years and Years on their recent tour together, so were excited to work with the dynamic act again.

Defining their sound as “music to dance to”, it was obvious how much Nimmo enjoy performing a live set. However, guitar player Sarah was quick to clarify that their music is wholly song-based, stemming from the duo’s singer-songwriter roots. The pair were effortlessly charming whilst reminiscing about their studies in Brighton – whilst here they’d noted that the music scene was more folk-orientated than expected, leading them to worry their sound might not “fit in”. They defiantly continued to work on their music regardless, recruiting the other members of the band Josh Faull, Jack Williams and Hannah Rose.

The duo have been friends since their childhood in London, citing the location as one of their main inspirations due to “the eclectic mix of everything.” In addition, Sarah referenced Fleetwood Mac and The Smiths as lyrical inspirations – a lot of emphasis being put on the importance of their lyrics. Whether their songs were written independently by the vocalists or spontaneously in the studio – with one of their favourite singles UnYoung being an impulsive creation – this band care a lot about what they’re telling their audience. When asked about the title of their newest single Dancing Makes Us Brave, the duo revealed it relates to the “experience [of] catharsis on a night out”. Reva explained that she often closes her eyes and dances, seeing the experience as “shredding [an] emotional burden”. We joked that a night club could be regarded as a “musician’s gym” and, as silly as it sounds, the pair completely agreed: they find both performing and clubbing a liberating experience. And with that, I left them to get ready.

Returning later that evening, Nimmo started their set with My Only Friend – one of their most popular tracks – and the crowd took to them really well. Although the other band members (Faull, Williams and Rose) were predominantly subdued throughout, the front women couldn’t stand still – their energy was tangible. Working through a short 30-minute set, the band performed most of their singles and even covered Touch Me by Dj Rui Da Silva – a track that the duo were particularly excited for. It was a joy to watch the band perform, their enthusiasm was palpable and you couldn’t help but feel it too.

Although performing as the headliner, MØ was surprisingly sincere, with the Danish singer appearing genuinely surprised by the crowd’s reaction. It’s easy to forget just how much music MØ has made, yet she delivered hit after hit. We were also treated to her newest track Drum, a highly anticipated electronic piece that the crowd loved. The vocalist engaged the audience throughout the night, repeatedly leaving the stage and even crowd surfing at the very end of her set. As the band’s final offering, MØ sang Goodbye – a heartfelt track that the artist appeared earnest to perform.

MØ is just beginning her debut tour but Nimmo will be back in Brighton on the 26th of November at the Green Door Store. If their last vivacious performance was anything to go by, it’s a show not to be missed.

The Verse Staff

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