REVIEW: The Vaccines @ The Brighton Dome, 25/01/2019

The Verse’s Autumn Micketti reviews The Vaccines gig at the Brighton Dome on 25th January 2019. 

Being a student in Brighton you are sure to experience an endless supply of entertainment when it comes to Brighton’s music scene. The Vaccines took to the stage in front of a buzzing audience. This experience was even more special by the fact that Autumn ran into three members of the band pre-concert!

I happened to recognize the lead guitarist, Freddie Cowan, strolling with Timothy Lanham, the keyboard player and their drummer, Yoann Intonti. Nothing more than a quick ‘hello’ and ‘good luck’ was said, and yet it made me feel incredibly happy.

 I was disappointed to discover that The Vaccines had booked two support acts. Throughout my life I have been attending gigs, and I have never been a fan of support acts.  The first group, led by Jesse Jo Stark, was from LA and although Stark was feeling herself the crowd was less impressed. The second act was an Australian group called Hatchie. I enjoyed Hatchie’s vibe a lot more, as they seemed down to earth and their songs were catchy.

The stage looked like a Hollywood movie set with palm trees, ferns and glittery letters spelling out The Vaccines. Finally, the lights dimmed and music with the asthetic of an old western film began blasting through the speakers. The crowd screamed with anticipation which then turned into singing Queen’s I Want To Break Free, then, at last, The Vaccines emerged onto the stage.

The five of them jumped right into their song Your Love Is My Favourite Band, off their new album Combat Sports. The lead singer, Justin Hayward-Young, has clearly perfected his stage presence over their years of touring. Young moved around the stage frequently pointing at different members of the audience. He would drop to his knees whilst singing a particularly dramatic line or lean against the lead guitar player. His long legs seemed never ending as he made the stage his own.

The lads did not disappoint! Every song had the crowd jumping up and down, I was grateful to be in the balcony instead of the sweaty mosh pit below. Although they made it look easy, by the end of the set the lead guitarist looked like he had entered a wet t-shirt contest, dripping with sweat. The Vaccines played for nearly an hour and a half straight. Young was the only one who talked to the audience throughout the night, continually mentioning how much he loves Brighton.

The Vaccines put on a fantastic show and I wish them the best for the rest of their tour. Make sure to check out their tour schedule and follow them on social media for more updates!

Autumn’s photo from the night

The Verse Staff

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