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PREVIEW: The Handsome Family @ St George’s Church, 24/03/18

The Verse’s Tom Evans previews The Handsome Family, due to perform at St George’s Church, Brighton, on Saturday 24th March 2018

The Handsome Family are an America alt-country duo consisting of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks from Chicago. Having formed 25 years ago and have remained a cult band up until a few years ago, when they gained mainstream attention after their song Far from Any Road (from the 2003 album Singing Bones) was used as the theme song for True Detective.

Brighton must have made a lasting impression on the duo in the past, as they seem to stop by every time they tour the UK!  Including a gig at the Concorde 2 last year. This current tour will be a treat for long-term fans as they are playing their third album  Through the Trees in its entirety,  marking the 20th anniversary of the album. There is a Nick Cave vibe to some of the songs on this album. With some of the lyrics and musical tones having a darkness running through them.

Closing track on the album My Ghost was written by Brett about his stay in a psychiatric hospital, so the gig won’t necessarily be a laugh a minute, although it shouldn’t just  be doom and gloom for an hour or so. Even though there is a Gothic tone to the music, this is also accompanied by a cutting sense of humour between songs.

Live, the husband and wife duo should be joined by a drummer and an additional guitarist to expand their sound a bit. And St Georges Church in Kemptown should provide the perfect intimate setting for these set of songs being played live together. Tickets available here.

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