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PREVIEW: Streetfunk presents STRAIGHT UP ’17 @ Brighton Dome, 10/6/17

The Verse’s Dominique Fennel tells us all about Streetfunk’s upcoming hip-hop and funk dance show, landing in Brighton’s Dome on the 10th June.

Calling all breakers, poppers, lockers and dance lovers! Local hip hop giant, Streetfunk, is back again with STRAIGHT UP for another year. The sellout annual showcase features the school’s award-winning hip-hop crews including Stereoshok, Defiance, Killabeez, BN1, Novalux and more.

Based at Marina Studios, Streetfunk was founded by JP Omari in 2006 and is the south coast’s most successful and standout streetdance school, specialising in funk styles and, of course, hip-hop. Year by year, alongside guest acts and headliners, Streetfunk dancers affirm their unquestionable talent and show why they are still the City’s freshest up-and-comers. This year, the school has announced their headline act will be Soul Mavericks, the UK’s most successful b-boy crew.

In past years, Streetfunk have taken on regional, national and global competitions, across Europe and even as far as Vegas, winning nearly all Streetdance championship titles available. In 2017 so far, the crews have accumulated an incredible number of titles, including UDO Intermediate Streetdance Champions and XM Advanced British Streetdance Champions, to name a few.

This year STRAIGHT UP ’17 will take place at Brighton Dome on 10th June from 6:00-9:00pm.

Tickets are available from Brighton Dome Box Office here.
And to stay up-to-date on all things Streetfunk, check out their website here!


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