TV: The Lesbian’s Guide To Straight Sex

The Verse’s Genevieve Orsi tells us about the new Channel 5 TV show ‘The Lesbian’s Guide To Straight Sex’.
The Lesbian’s Guide To Straight Sex, Channel 5

As an openly gay woman (given the population of Brighton, I’m sure a lot of you will relate to this) I’ve had my fill of being asked questions like “Yeah but, HOW do you have sex?” “Who’s the man?” or “Give us a sex tip!” as if it’s perfectly acceptable from a near stranger. For some reason, lesbian sex has become a societal fetish that everyone wants to ask about, but wouldn’t take it so politely if I, as a near stranger, asked them how they have sex.

Sometimes I’m lighthearted with it, sometimes I’m offended, and sometimes I’ll just mess with them. I once managed to convince a man we pull tampons out of each other with our teeth, just to see the look on his face. Rant aside, a great opportunity presented itself to me a few months ago, and I ended up making a fantastic show that answers THAT question and more. We delve into hetero couple’s sex lives and do a DIY SOS: we tear it down then build up a bigger and better place.

My co-stars are the best I could have asked for. Ali is the sexpert everyone wants to bang – if you don’t, it’s because you haven’t met her yet. If her piercing blue eyes and yoga-honed body don’t do it for you then her sense of humour (she’s a stand-up comic) will see you laughing yourself into bed. Maria (A.K.A Miss Disney) is an award-winning, body-positive drag queen that’s possibly the campest human on earth. She’s musical theatre trained and fuelled, doing camp spins while casually walking down the street. Watching her empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own bodies was a tear-jerking experience we should all be supporting. Last but not least is Jade, beautiful on the inside and out! She’s an influencer and artist that empowers women through fashion, beauty and hard-hitting real talk.

It’s not all kink and puns though; we also talk about important issues in our rapidly evolving society. We address body image, cultural norms, safe sex and all sorts of important issues. I think humour is a great way to get sensitive issues to a wider audience. There are conversations that need to be had: raising STD rates and rapidly declining mental health being two of the most prominent. I want this show to open up these conversations, and to kill you with laughter along the way.

So if you’re wondering how lesbians have sex, please step away from the queer queen you just met and watch my show instead. Trust me, she doesn’t wanna hear it.

Support your local queer and watch it here:

“The Lesbian’s Guide to Straight Sex” on Monday 14th October, 10 pm on channel 5.

Please watch from the beginning to end as the higher the viewer retention the more likely we are to get a series!

Follow our journey on Instagram: @gengensays (me) @stella.pint (Ali) @themissdisney (Maria) @jadelaurice (Jade)

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