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Ted x University of Brighton @ Sallis Benney Theatre, 12/03/16

Brighton students are hosting a TEDx event on March 12th. The event, which will be held in the Sallis Benney Theatre, is based around a theme of ‘serendipity’ and the idea that “a series of unplanned events can lead to amazing discoveries and benefit numerous lives.”

For the University of Brighton, the event is the first of its kind, but the responsibility falls solely to the students who will have to organise and promote the event themselves. Although thousands of applications are received by TED, the student team at the University of Brighton were accepted, beating the odds.

Among the core team is third year Martin Kmiecik, who is behind the whole event. “I was the person who applied for the license to host the event, and I’m so excited. It will be a fantastic chance for students to get real experience. It gives them a platform to show-off their skills and promote themselves.

“It’s actually really amazing that the University is willing to let the students arrange everything by themselves, and test the knowledge they have learnt in Brighton. I think it shows how confident they are in the education they are providing for their students.”

The team are yet to announce details regarding tickets, but those eager to attend are encouraged to help as volunteers. As well as viewing the event for free, certain volunteers could even have backstage access.

Due to the finite number of places in the venue, a live-stream of the day’s proceedings will be available to everyone, free-of-charge. Also, each talk will be individually edited and uploaded to the TED website and YouTube channel.

TED is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to – in short-talk form – disperse new ideas throughout the world. In this spirit, TED created a scheme of events which would be independently organised called: TEDx. This gives local organisers the chance to engage and inform their own communities.

On the day, numerous talks will be given and some exciting performers will show-off their skills. Currently the team is choosing their favourite applicants, but by the middle of February, a final list of speakers and performers is expected to be released.

For more details, head to the team’s website:


By Ieuan Newland


The team (L-R): Top row L to R: Ieuan Newland, Joshua Mays, Daisy Priestley, Martin Kmiecik, Faye Richards, Amy McRae-Johnson, Charlie Armstrong

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