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ALBUM REVIEW: Bonobo, Migration

The Verse’s Chanelle Manton tells us what she thinks of Bonobo’s latest album, Migration, ahead of his upcoming tour. Tickets on sale now! 

Released on January 13th 2017, Bonobo (otherwise known as Simon Green) graced us with his sixth album, Migration. Although being criticised by some as less ‘interesting’ than previous work The North Borders and sticking to its comfort zone’, I really enjoyed this album.

I may not be a well-versed music critic, but some of the criticisms of Migration do seem a bit harsh. Perhaps being at the height of his popularity has made him more susceptible to reproach, however as a new fan of Bonobo’s, I can’t fault this album. The 12-track work is atmospheric, creating a feeling of melancholy and haziness – perfect background music for work or sleep. The twilit tunes form an indescribable ambience, whether that be listening through headphones or blasting through speakers.

Working its way through each track, the album slowly builds a tension that, in my opinion, is unleashed in Kerala, which falls at number eight on the track list. Being produced after Bonobo’s move to California, this album seems to encompass the idea of movement and disruption, taking us on the journey with him. As he says:

“Life has highs, lows, loud and quiet moments, beautiful ones and ugly ones. Music is a reflection of life”

I think it is safe to say that Migration is a reflective album and Bonobo remains one to watch.

The album cover is a piece of art in itself. Captured by photographer Neil Krug, the work seems to encapsulate something of Bonobo’s spirit. Shot in the desert, the composition of fire under a vivid blue sky surrounding by cliffs feels mysterious and distant. You can read more about Krug and Bonobo’s collaboration here:

You can catch him in Brighton for his final headline show of 2017 later this year at Brighton Centre on 21st November. Tickets are available here:

You can listen to Migration here: http://


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