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ALBUM REVIEW: Frontier Ruckus, Enter The Kingdom

The Verse’s Rebekah Williams tells us what she thinks of Frontier Ruckus’ new album, ‘Enter The Kingdom’

As I kick back and listen to the calming, melodic tunes play out, Frontier Ruckus have clearly found their genre in music with their fifth album Enter the Kingdom. The undertones of the indie-country style instrumental is something they have stuck to, since their last album in 2014 Sitcom Afterlife.

If I were to give you a true insight of what I’m talking about, then let me paint you a picture. It is the type of music you listen to on a long train or coach journey. Where you absentmindedly stare out the filthy window. Looking out at the world that passes you by in a blur. Your mind wanders on what has happened, and what is to come in your life. We have all done it at some point.

As an album Enter the Kingdom is of course acquitted to a particular taste in music. So I will be honest with you. Not all of you will enjoy it. But, if you just want to relax, and you are into the chilling sounds of an acoustic guitar, then Frontier Ruckus is for you. It really is down to personal taste, so of course some will say it is depressing. But, if a background theme for you staring out of your window is also needed, as you contemplate your life choices, then songs like, If You Can and Enter the Kingdom is where I would suggest you start. Eventually building your way up to the more upbeat, country sounding songs, like Positively Freaking.

Having spent some time educating myself on this indie-American band, I think I have come across something truly spectacular. Frontier Ruckus and their new album have them coming back to their downbeat roots, despite changes in band members over the years.

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