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ALBUM REVIEW: Lower Than Atlantis, Safe In Sound

The Verse’s Sophie Baldock review Lower Than Atlantis’s new album Safe In Sound

You can’t beat a bit of good ol’ rock music. Lower Than Atlantis’s new album Safe In Sound has the sound that can really get your blood pumping. Had Enough really makes for a stunning first track. Infused with the angry drums and lyrics that get you belting out the chorus. The perfect sound to listen to after a day that has pushed you to the brink of your patience, with it bleeding out confidence and rage that you can’t help but absorb.

Lower Than Atlantis had been more suited to some me-time; the type of music you’d put on to angrily shout along to when you’re home alone, or having an angry singing session with your friends. But this new album has a variety of both angry, fed up songs mixed with slower, more bittersweet sounds.

Long Time Coming and Boomerang, follow the opener and are again the familiar Lower Than Atlantis sound of heavy drums, angry lyrics, and blood-pumping beats that gets you tapping your feet in time. Although they do have a nice range of differences between their songs on this album. Work For It emits a loud drumbeat and the lyrical version of a kick-up-the-ass. Compared to I Would which shows a softer and slower beat, the lyrics clearly being about love and romance – showing the ridiculous thoughts we may have when we are overwhelmed with love and how simple things can mean the world.

Lyrically, I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore is an incredibly sad, heart wrenching song that forces you to think. To sit back and reflect on everything you’ve faced and everyone you have in your life. There is no out-right statement, but this song has implications of suicide and death. The soft sounding instrumentals lull you into the act of reflection, as you suddenly have this sense of peace and bittersweet sadness.

Could Be Worse starts off slower. Giving the feeling of even though things are bad, they aren’t as bad as they could be, and you’ve got to keep on going to get past the bad to reach the good on the other side. One of their more calming and relaxing songs. Money has a familiar starting sound, with a slower build up. A calmer feel again but it has a message: money isn’t the most important thing in the world. Even though we can’t live without it, it doesn’t define us as people but we should enjoy it when we have it.

Dumb and A Night To Forget both sound like slower rock; also both songs have this feeling of confidence in both the lyrics and the rhythm of the songs themselves. They both have built up choruses that are louder than the rest of the song, but they both still have slower beats to them that give them both calmer vibes.

Lower Than Atlantis’s fifth album is a refreshing mix of both loud, heavy rock and a collection of calmer songs. Each and every song has the power to inflict feelings and emotions, with a proud, confident voice belting out powerful lyrics, giving the perfect background music to listen to at any given moment in the day.

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