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LOCAL: Bonfire Night 2013

BX48I6GCAAEbUFC.jpg-largeRemember, remember the 5th of November? If you’re not sure what you’re doing, here are my suggestions for what to do this Bonfire night.

Every year, Lewes holds the UKs biggest bonfire night celebrations, and with preparations being made for the street procession and six different firework displays, this year is sure to be just as fantastic. On the 5th November Lewes is taken over from 7.40 pm by a parade that travels around the whole of the town; it’s easy to get lost but if you stick to the high street you’re onto a winner. The parade is full of people resembling the death eaters from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when they march through the Quidditch World Cup, except they are holding flaming crucifixes. Not to mention, Lewes looks and feels like the muggle Hogsmeade. The parade carries six Guy Fawkes’ to then throw onto each of the six bonfires that are spread out around the town. The displays start at 9.30, however you should probably note that five displays are ticket admission only, so research which one you’re interested in before you go.

With regard to travel, cars are not allowed into Lewes throughout the day, so the best way to travel is by train. Lewes is one stop from Falmer so even if you’re coming from Brighton train station, you’ll be on the train for no more than fifteen minutes. The last trains from Lewes are around midnight, so don’t get yourself stranded. Overall it was one of the highlights of last year, so if you are too poor for Florida then go to Lewes for Brighton’s own Harry Potter World.

Not a fan of J.K. Rowling? Don’t worry, there are a few other displays going on in the area. On Tuesday the 5th, Brighton Lions firework display is at Sussex country cricket ground. It is £10 a ticket and starts at 7.30pm. It is said to be the biggest display in Sussex; so for more information go to  Alternatively, if you are the kind of person that likes to do things your own way, check out to find information on every type of firework and how to use them safely.

Whatever you do on bonfire night, it’s a perfect opportunity to make the most of being out. Tuesdays at Digital and Lola Lo are popular nights out for a typical clubbing experience. If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, the Font bar in the South Lanes is cheap on a Tuesday and can be as chilled or hyped up as you want it to be. With the upstairs seating area overlooking the busy bar downstairs, it’ll be perfect for the few drinks you’ll need to finish your night on a high.

Written by Chloe Barratt

The Verse

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