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FASHION: Cheap Monday University Lookbook

The Verse’s Rosie Smith partners with Cheap Monday on a ‘university’ inspired lookbook, perfect for the student on a budget! 

As a student, I understand the struggle that is finding an outfit every day to wear to university, especially when you think you have no clothes in that full wardrobe of yours – we’ve all been there. We are all living on a budget and it can be difficult to feel confident in our clothes and how we put them together. Cheap Monday could be the answer.

Personally, I invest my small clothes budget (which is still probably more than I should) into higher priced, transitional items. This way, I know they will last and will never go out of trend. One of my favourite brands to buy from is Cheap Monday, who sell good quality, versatile products. The items of clothing within their collection are easy to style and work for all seasons.

Partnering with Cheap Monday, I have put together a week’s university lookbook to give you outfit inspiration and share some of my favourite products from Cheap Monday’s collections. I hope this helps with the daily struggle.

Shop online here:

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