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FASHION: Cheap Monday University Style, 26/09/18

The Verse’s Janna Radwan collaborates with big brand Cheap Monday for a look book inspired by the average student.

Finding clothes to look good for the first few weeks of University can be hard, no matter if you’re a first, second or third-year student. Especially when you’re trying to save money for rent and, of course, food! Not only do we want cheap clothes, but we also want black jeans that won’t fade in two months. Cheap Monday offer a range of black and other colour jeans that are incredible quality for the price.

“They’re soft, comfy and fitting”- actual quote from the model.

As a lover of fashion, I do tend to spend a lot of money on clothes. However, I do love a good staple piece that will always look amazing, and Cheap Monday honestly have some edgy staples that every student needs in their wardrobe. Cheap Monday have many looks for a normal day at University, or even a comfortable night out look.

For this collaboration with Cheap Monday, I have kindly been sent some clothes that I picked out and styled on a University student. I wanted to actually show the clothes on a model rather than just provide a link so that you can get a clear idea of how great Cheap Monday’s clothes are.

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