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REVIEW: Fiction @ The Green Door Store

Green door store

On Tuesday 19th of March we encountered London-based boys making up the funky and upbeat band ‘Fiction’, with support from Animal Language and Brighton based Us Baby Bear Bones. The Green Door Store offered a venue shabby-chic by nature which suited the authentic sound of Us Baby Bear Bones. The three-piece band resonate sounds similar to that of Bat for Lashes, Warpaint, Stealing Sheep and Daughter. Their music is characterized by hypnotic vocals paired with big beats and the casual accompaniment of the xylophone, which generated an animated and ambient vibe amongst the crowd. I was seriously impressed by Us Baby Bear Bones’ stage presence and was pretty keen to get straight on YouTube to give them a listen the next day. Their music was a brilliant run-up to the main act: the dapper-looking and chipper chaps of Fiction.

Tuesday evening saw the 5 handsome and quirky guys put on a great display from their newly released album titled ‘The Big Other’, which came out this March with Moshi Moshi records. The Album kicks off with the ever so entrancing ‘Parting Gesture’: rhythm, tones & vocals that send a sexual shiver down your spine. This is hot music.  The popular track ‘Big Things’ certainly captured the positive vibes from their Brightonian crowd: a jaunty track featured in Ford’s television advert in 2011

Dressed to impress, none of this monochrome attached objects to shirt business, no head bands or excessive footwear: these gents landed in Brighton in style so they fitted in quite nicely. They took to the stage equipped with plenty of banter; their connection with the crowd was spot on, as was their musical performance. The five piece band has an 80’s vibe, echoing Talking Heads whilst keeping it fresh with a summery, upbeat feeling, not dissimilar to Friendly Fires.

Fiction injected a boost of cheeriness amongst those in attendance and their energy on stage gave each member of the crowd reason to have a good bop. Track: ‘Step Ahead, Step Behind’ wonderfully illustrating their album’s synth-pop character. The unique thing about these boys is that their songs are suited to every mood; whether you need perking up after a bad day or to accompany a great one, oozing positive and lively vibes.

Fiction have a charismatic sound, and an approachable, endearing stage presence, with gauche jokes including ‘thanks for listening… not that you had much choice seeing as you’re all here!’. The set was fun, passionate and full of talent, finishing the progressive and impressive ‘The Apple’ we for one will be keeping our eyes peeled for these guys in the future.



Questions to the fanciful five-piece:

1.        Choice of cocktails: are we Martini Mojos or cool Caipirinhas?

We like to mix whisky with mild depression.

2.       What’s your dream festival to be playing at this year?

Eat and drink for free fest

3.       Name your favourite things about Brighton, and tell us, when will you be back?

The hills, the sea, The Evening Star pub, the vibe, the lanes, Antiques, GAK, Georgia, £25 B&Bs, The Gingerman, Girls. Back as soon as humanly possible.

Band Fiction

Fiction 2

By Lucy Mills, Kelly Heane, Rhyanna Coleman

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