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The University of Brighton has no equivalent. We work, rest and play at an educational establishment faced with a unique conundrum: five campuses, dotted all along the south coast, all hosting their own unique brand of interesting and innovative student populations. We are a creative, cosmopolitan and uninhibitedly cool bunch, blessed with both academic rigour and artistic flair, a diverse array of young people all eager to express themselves eloquently and effectively to the wider world. The problem, though, lies in finding a suitable outlet for this expression, one that can collate all these differing talents and teachings into a single, universal voice for such an expansive university.

The Verse is here to answer this problem. Our mission is to provide a platform for Brighton students, gifted in any discipline, to come together and showcase their talent. We want to move beyond the typical ‘student newspaper’ (dull) – our aim is to be completely original, utilise multimedia skills, and become a hub of Brighton University’s creative and academic achievement. We want writers, bloggers, film makers, photographers, artists, technicians, sociologists, athletes – anyone with an opinion who wants to get their voice heard. If you’ve got something to say, we’ll make people listen.

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