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Introduction of the City Innovation Challenge

Community groups, businesses and residents of Brighton and Hove are being asked to step forward with new ideas of how to rejuvenate the city, in an attempt to better the communities and neighbourhoods within.

Councillor Warren Morgan explains that he is looking for “bold and creative suggestions as to how the city council can bring in new revenue to fund services and invest in our city and its communities.” Ideas are being welcomed to explore projects that will benefit the city financially and socially, using and making aware of the services that are currently available or thinking of new ones.

The plan comes after talks of considerable budget cuts from the government, meaning services will need to be reviewed and money saved as fears for this sector grow.

The City Innovation Challenge asks for anyone living or working in Brighton and Hove to come up with ideas to benefit city services, with the winning projects up for a chance to take home £1000 cash. Ideas must be creative and imaginative – perfectly fitting for this cosmopolitan and diverse city.

The entries for the challenge are grouped into five different categories: council staff, businesses, community and voluntary groups, individuals and young people. A panel will judge the ideas, and the prizes will be awarded at a ceremony in spring. The final deadline of the challenge is Friday 19th February 2016.

Opposition to the challenge have slammed Morgan, claiming it is the job he should have begun with his councilors years ago, and that he is handing his responsibilities over to the general public as an easy way out of the possible upcoming struggles these budget cuts may have on the city.

However, these views are muffled by the supporters who believe projects like these are what makes Brighton and Hove so unique and why it has such a strong sense of community.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to The Brighton and Hove City Council website and submit a short application form outlining your best ideas.

by Ciara Snowball

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