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STUDENT VOICES: Justin Campaign comes to Brighton University

On Wednesday 2nd May the Chelsea School of Sport will host a two-day event in memory of Justin Fashanu.

The first day will be a football festival to raise awareness of Homophobia in Football and will take place on the anniversary of the tragic day Fashanu took his own life.

Working closely with the Justin Campaign and Football for Peace, the fancy dress football Festival, organised and run by students, will be free to enter. Playing with values such as fair play, respect and inclusion will be rewarded – proving there are more important things in sport than winning.

The second day’s focus will be around an exhibition of art and posters from the campaign, as well as guest speakers. These will include representatives from Pride Sport, the Rugby Football League, Football Association and the project itself.

A question and answer session will highlight the key current issues and debates within the campaign, which have become increasingly relevant to sport and society after the Government’s charter earlier this year to combat homophobia in sport.

For more information visit, or follow the campaign on Twitter @JustinCampaign.

Lee Rosborough and Kieran Poole – @lrosborough and @PooleKieran

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