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FOOD & DRINK: No More Cooking for Millennials?

The Verse’s Liberty Gatcombe discusses the supposed demise of home cooking amongst millennials, shown in a recent survey conducted by grocery, itsu. 
Millennials – have we said goodbye to home cooking for good?

A recent study has revealed that over half of Millennials are skipping home-cooked meals due to a ‘lack of free time’. Also, two-thirds wish that they were more adventurous in the kitchen.

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more comforting than a good old plate of hearty, home-cooked grub. But, I get it. When it comes down to getting into the kitchen to do the cooking it seems to be more stress than it’s worth. From shifts at work, deadlines to meet and social commitments, it does seem tricky to plan cooking a nice, fresh meal. Not to mention checking the cupboards for ingredients and popping to the shops.

Our parents and grandparents seem to have a knack for finding whatever is in the cupboards and knocking something up within the space of half an hour. But with the introduction of social media and online streaming, we might have been too busy being connected and missed the part where we learn to do that for ourselves. Are we not getting into the kitchen because we haven’t got time? Or, because we don’t see home-cooking as a priority?

Over half of the Millennials asked said they only had thirty minutes to cook in the evening. Now, if I were to pose the question to those a few generations older… I wonder if they would think that’s more than enough time to rustle something up.

I wonder how much our obsession with connectivity has affected our approach to cooking. Two-thirds of those asked thought it was important that their food looked good. Hmm. So, maybe we are spending our time swiping through the good-looking food instead of getting into the kitchen to make it ourselves.

I’d love to know what you guys think.

What is your favourite home-cooked meal? Would you be able to make it from scratch without Siri’s sneaky prompting?

It’s up for debate, guys. Maybe we are more skilled with the old pots and pans than people think!

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