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NEWS: Moshimo Skylight to open in Brighton by 2018

An exciting new feature is set to arrive in Bartholomew Square by 2018. Nammie Matthews writes.

Brighton sushi restaurant Moshimo is making waves in the city as plans to install Skylight, a suspended seven storey expansion, were given the go ahead.

The 150-cover restaurant, which will be accessible via a lift from Moshimo, will emerge like a periscope from within the square to award diners with panoramic views of the sea.

When viewed from street level, the Moshimo Skylight will appear as a ‘lantern in the sky’, its studioSPOON-designed glass structure standing out in contrast with the 1980s concrete council offices that surround it.

Moshimo are no strangers to unusual architectural moves, having taken over the disused Regency-esque Opticon building sixteen years ago.

Work to extend Moshimo and create the structure for the lift shaft will start in March with the entire project – which is being constructed in Littlehampton – to be completed by the end of the year.

While the new restaurant will be attached to Moshimo, Skylight will not be as focused on sushi as its ascendant, but will still be Japanese influenced.

Founder Nicholas Röhl said: “Acting like a beacon, Moshimo Skylight will help continue the regeneration of Bartholomew Square. It will make a significant contribution to residents, businesses and visitors alike, strengthening Brighton’s position as a world-class place to live, work and visit.”

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