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STUDENT VOICES: Nominations open in Students’ Union elections

Nominations have opened in the Brighton Students’ Union elections, giving people the opportunity to take a paid role leading the organisation next year.

Brighton Students’ Union is the body which officially represents students to the University of Brighton and the wider community. It is led by five full-time officers, the President and four Vice Presidents, each with a specific remit. The officers are paid £19,000 per year, and all receive training worth £2,500. Each full-time officer is allowed to serve two consecutive year-long terms. As all of the current officers were elected last year, they are eligible to stand again, however it is unknown whether any of them plan to do so.

Nominations opened on 4th January and close on 12th February, when campaigning will begin and continue for four weeks. Voting closes and the results are announced on 12th March. The Union is running training for all candidates on 13th February to prepare them for the election campaign, and is also running events on the 1st, 2nd and 4th of February to both encourage people to stand and provide them with the information they need. In addition to the full-time officer positions, there are 32 voluntary positions up for grabs.

A registered charity, the Students’ Union receives thousands of pounds in funding from the University of Brighton every year, although is legally independent. It also receives income from its various shops and cafes, giving it a total annual turnover of £2.7million. All of of Brighton’s 22,000 students are members, giving them the right to stand and vote in elections.

A campaigning organisation, this year the Union has focused on issues including housing, transport and participation in sport. It also runs various events such as the Holly and Graduation Balls, and coordinates societies (including student media channels like The Verse) and sports teams across each campus.

You can find out more about the elections at Make sure to read The Verse to keep up with all the election coverage.

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