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PREVIEW: Apocalyptica @ Brighton Dome, 27/02/2018

The Verse’s Csenge Krokovay previews Apocalyptica ‘Plays Metallica by Four Cellos’, which comes to Brighton Dome on Tuesday 27th February. 

Head spinning, cello playing, long-haired Fins…

The real pioneers of Finnish Rock, symphonic metal to accompany the complete destruction of the world.

A true masterpiece, a new genre created over 21 years ago by classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén.

Since 1993, Apocalyptica have sold millions of records and sold out shows all around the world.  ‘Plays Metallica by Four Cellos’ is not only the title of the upcoming Brighton show but the debut album Apocalyptica released in 1996, which launched them into the epic world of music.

“When we made the first album, our expectations were, ‘Okay, if we sell 1,000 copies and get a few shows, that’s cool.’ Then, we got the requests to play a lot of shows after the first album and the sound changed totally…”

On this record, Apocalyptica plays hit songs by the world famous band, Metallica, remarkably on four cellos. This is what the band will bring to Brighton’s audience this February as part of the #apmb4c tour. As this album gave the first reputation for the band, a dash of nostalgia can be expected at the concert hall; surely, we won’t be denied the opportunity for head-banging and string vibrations.

The Tour

The Finnish metal-cello band started the #apmb4c tour in 2017 and finished the year leaving 55 shows behind. As it has been confirmed at the band’s official website, we can expect the show to be continued in 2018.

“… with 52 more shows to go this year, we’re excited to say the FINTASTIC party won’t stop there! The first shows of 2018 are now confirmed, as we’ll be heading to the UK… “

As they have announced, the first location of the show will be our city – Brighton and the beautiful Brighton Dome. The band will continue to play in Bristol on the 28th February, Birmingham on the 1st of March, Cambridge on the 2nd of March and Glasgow on the 3rd.

Come along, and enjoy symphonic metal from your chair at Brighton Dome on the 27th of February!


Tickets for the announced 2018 shows are on sale now!

For more, check out the band’s Official Website.

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