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PREVIEW: Astroid Boys @ Brighton Centre, 22/11/2017

The Verse’s Daniel Todd previews Astroid Boys ahead of their set supporting Enter Shikari at Brighton Centre on 22nd November 2017.

The five-piece group, Astroid Boys, are distinctive and diverse, their music an amalgamation of punk, hardcore and grime. The result gives edge and bounce in each of their tracks, breaking through the genre barriers to create a sound which is truly unique. Their style has attracted a sizeable following already, and they have proved worthy through their energetic live performances at festivals such as Reading, Leeds, Download, and T in the Park.

The Cardiff group consists of two co-frontmen, known by their stage names Traxx and Benji, DJ Comfort, producer and co-vocalist Dellux, and drummer Big H.  The band started in 2012 when Traxx had the intention of combining his early love of punk and his transition into grime at the end of his teenage years.  Performing raves across Cardiff with DJ Comfort led to the creation of their trademark Traxx and Benji. Friend Harry was also recruited into the band to provide live drums, bringing the distinctive mix of punk and hardcore into their music. Since then, the group has extended its members both live and in the studio to create the group they are today.

Astroid Boys released their first full-length debut album broke on the 29th September 2017. The opening track titled cheque is an exhibition of both their skills in rapping and writing ingenious lyricists, containing flowing lyrics that roll with the music. This is highlighted in the smooth transition in the chorus, shifting between vocal lines flawlessly and bringing in the guitar, showing their incorporation of different genres.  Dirt is the heaviest part of the album, providing crunching guitars and a live feeling with the vocal; it exemplifies that Astroid Boys are experimental in accordance with their music.

Astroid Boys will be supporting Enter Shikari alongside Lower Than Atlantis at the Brighton Centre on 22nd November 2017. This line-up promises to be a show full of energy and excitement, and with Astroid Boys having a track record of getting the crowd going wild, they won’t disappoint.

Astroid Boys

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