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PREVIEW: Boogaloo Stu @ Brighton Arts Lab, 2/11/18

The Verse’s Jake Francis tells us about the Brighton Arts Lab upcoming event ‘Boogaloo Stu’

The Joker, Pennywise, and the ICP; three modern institutions that, over the years, may have soiled the good name of ‘Clowns’ forever. Amongst these common go-to characters, however, there are still some who wish to embrace the archetype that make clowns such an alluring, and prevailing icon of entertainment; Boogaloo Stu may just be the very example of that. 

In his upcoming romp of ‘smutty’ (his words, not mine) theatricals and the lovingly kitsch, Boogaloo Stu is set to douse Phoenix studios in the lewd and and the dastardly. Presented as part of the ongoing bi-monthly Brighton Arts Lab, this part-performer, part-presenter, part-theatre maker has boldly stated a claim of erotic salutation – one that will not let his audience sit idly by. 

Boasting a range of various activities and participatory performances (I for one cannot wait to claim my place in the Orgasm Collage); it’s clear that this event will be one to fully engross the spirits of all; what these ‘spirits’ may be expressed as is anyones guess. As it states in the event descriptor, the dark corners of our very own sexual imagination  will be explored, renewed and released in the forms of audience portraiture and communal soundtracks; not something one can usually find in Tate Britain- trust me, I’ve tried. 

In addition, for those of you who may be a little less expressive with ones pillow-talk, Stu has provided a range of crafting workshops and dramatic activities. Why not jump on into a flashmob or get down on the dance floor in Stu’s pop-up club night ‘Pop-Kraft’? If pea-cocking to disco isn’t really your thing, then perhaps you’d be more interested in recreating yourself as an ‘Incredible Edible Vegetable Animal’? Or maybe taking a stroll down Boogaloos Stu’s Vadge Badgeteria for a much coveted ‘Vadge Badge?’ Christmas, after all, is only around the corner…

Perhaps, in foresight, it’s fair to say that I have no clue what to expect from Boogaloo Stu and his cadre of orgiastic capers – but I for one am intrigued. Maybe it’s best I let Stu make the promises, let us see what we have in store:


Brighton Arts Lab: Boogaloo Stu’s Load of Smut will be hosted at Phoenix Studios on Friday the 2nd of November from 7:30pm – 10:30pm. Tickets are now on sale for £8 on Eventbrite. Admittance, not surprisingly,  is strictly 18+ 

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