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PREVIEW: Ed Byrne @ Theatre Royal Brighton, 15/02/2018

The Verse’s Charlotte Crane previews Ed Byrne’s latest stand-up show, ‘Spoiler Alert’, at the Theatre Royal Brighton on 15th February 2018.

On 15th February 2018, Ed Byrne will be gracing the Theatre Royal Brighton with his latest stand up show Spoiler Alert. You may recognise him from his recent appearances on Mock the Week, or past appearances on Have I Got News for You. This tour is his biggest yet, running from August 2017, all the way into March 2018.

With what feels like constant berating from the media about how millennials are generally terrible, I’m sure the topic of Ed’s show will be familiar territory for most of you. From how we can’t afford to buy houses, simply because we eat far too much avocado, or how entitled we are because we feel that paying outrageous amounts of rent is unreasonable. (Can you tell I’m bitter?) Spoiler Alert is based on the notion of just how spoilt our generation is – whether life really is as bad as we say it is, or if we’re just being whiny brats.

Although the topic of his show may be a touchy one for myself and my peers, I can’t imagine Ed is planning on going on a rage-filled rant about how awful we all are. Even if he does, I’m sure it will be pretty funny.

The show debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe this year to largely positive reviews. Despite being a long-time fan of Ed, this will be the first time I will see him perform live. I’m eager to see how the show holds up, but if his previous stand-ups are anything to go by, I’m expecting a good one.

Tickets for the show are available here.


Featured image courtesy of Roslyn Gaunt 

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