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PREVIEW: Holy Magick @ The Prince Albert, 23/04/19

The Verse’s Autumn Micketti previews the Holy Magick event happening on 23rd April at the Prince Albert. 

The Easter holidays have begun and yet somehow, they feel like they’re almost over. Are you and your friends wanting another night out before you have to seclude yourself to the library to write that essay you’ve been procrastinating? Well, you’re in luck! Head to the Prince Albert pub on Tuesday, 23rd April to catch the Brighton-based psychedelic dream rock band, Holy Magick.

Composed of producer Dom Keen (ex-Death in Vegas, Dark Horses) and singer-songwriter Siobhan Lynch (ex Interscope Records artist and writer/performer on Alan Wilder’s infamous Recoil project), Holy Magick will take you on a psychedelic journey through sound. Reminiscent of psychedelic rock from decades past, Holy Magick brings the past into the future by creating a kaleidoscope of sounds with a modern twist. Listeners can catch their new single, It’s Your Money, on Spotify. Lynch describes it as “being creatively dependent on someone closer to the means of production than you – and developing Stockholm syndrome in the process.” (Spotify, 2018).

Holy Magick will be supported by the psyche free-jazz group, Hill. Leave that essay for one more day, grab a few friends and come down to Prince Albert on Tuesday the 23rd. The show will begin at 7 pm and we hope to see you there!

Check out Holy Magick’s Spotify here:

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