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PREVIEW: Jason Derulo @ Brighton Centre, 18/03/2018

The Verse’s Alex Berdugo previews Jason Derulo, coming to Brighton Centre on Sunday 18th March 2018. 

International superstar Jason Derulo is making an explosive return to the pop scene with a string of new hit tracks. Derulo collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign to produce the 2017 club favourite Swalla, a song that’s not afraid to mention drinking, freaky girls and going ‘swalla-la-la’. The song is driven but powerful beats and a deep bassline that refuses to quit. The singer-songwriter has proven time and time again his ability to work with other A-List artists to dominate the top 40, and this song is no exception.

Most recently, Derulo has released his emotion-driven If I’m Lucky. With no shortage of rhythm and groove, the track quickly became a staple, and is the second most trending song on his Spotify page. Derulo claimed that he wanted the song to be a classy follow up on the hedonistic Swalla. A feat he certainly achieved.

Derulo is an artist who has stood the test of time. Since his first single Whatcha Say dating back to 2009, he has been a regular chart-topper; accumulating five studio albums in total. Each record has cemented his place in pop royalty. Each album more successful than the last.

Renowned for getting crowds up and dancing at his shows, Derulo’s gig at the Brighton Dome will surely be one to remember. The venue has a traditional feel with many modern features. Meaning that it can house everything from an orchestra, to a contemporary pop artist such as Jason Derulo without a hitch.

Fans will be able to dance the evening away with the old school Derulo hits, the 2017 bangers and tracks from all across the singer’s illustrious career.

Don’t miss Jason Derulo at the Brighton Centre. It’s your chance to hear all of his club classics live!

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