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PREVIEW: JP Cooper @ Concorde 2, 18/10/2017

The Verse’s Alex Berdugo previews JP Cooper ahead of his show at Concorde 2 on 18th October 2017.

JP Cooper might just be the most soulful artist in pop music right now. The melodic acoustic guitar is mixed with heavenly vocals that rip through the music like a knife.

If you’re looking for a new and original singer-songwriter, JP Cooper is your best bet.

After becoming a chart regular with 2016 hit September Song, the future became very, very bright for this dreadlock-wearing man. From there, the only way was up with singles such as She’s On My Mind and Wait. The former bears the familiar pop formula, with plenty of gorgeous harmonies. Wait bears resemblance to The Beatles’ classic Don’t Let Me Down in its melancholic guitar intro, yet instantly reverts to Cooper’s unique style when the chorus hits.

With recently released debut album Raised Under Grey Skies, it has become clear that Cooper appears to have no limit. His album is studded with hits from over the years, including a re-recorded and polished version of Closer. This rendition lacks an intro which some may find disappointing, though the song as a whole has become much more radio-friendly and memorable.

The album closes with a surprising collaboration with Grime superstar Stormzy. Momma’s Prayers is basically Cooper’s Hey Jude: a piano and organ-driven epic that increases in scale with every minute. Stormzy’s voice blends well with Cooper’s, adding a new flavour to the already tasty record.

JP Cooper’s last gig in Brighton was at The Haunt; it is fantastic to see him progressing to the larger and more sophisticated Concorde 2 this time around. Don’t miss your opportunity to be there for an intimate and exceptionally musical evening full of chart hits and sing along anthems. The success of Cooper’s new album will surely carry him to new heights for quite some time.

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