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PREVIEW: Lower Than Atlantis @ Concorde 2, 15/04/18

The Verse’s Izzy Goddard previews Lower Than Atlantis ahead of their show at Concorde 2 on 15th April 2018.

First forming their band in 2007, Lower Than Atlantis have created and defined their own sound over the years with hit singles Here We Go and Get Over It,

The British grunge-rock band’s raw sound and rough edges of their previous record, self-named Lower Than Atlantis, declared them ‘2014 Album Of The Year’; it’s obvious why they have been dubbed as one of rock’s most talented group of songwriters.

With their new album, Safe and Sound, released, they are now planning their 22-day tour to share their incredibly energetic and robust music.

Commencing the album with Had Enough, an anthem expressing their grunge roots and hard rock sounds, then taken over by Dumb, a pop-inspired track. This combination of pop with riotously rocky sounds continues throughout the album with strong and powerful lyrics and vocals throughout.

The addictive feel and sound of the album together have proved the band’s pure talent for arrangement and perfection in the recording studio. You can hear the hours and effort that have gone into each track finishing off with the astoundingly emotional I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore. Building up the vocals and layers of strings in the background creating a much more emotive atmosphere to finish with.

Onto the live performance! Buy tickets for Lower Than Atlantis’ show in Brighton here now!


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