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PREVIEW: Will Joseph Cook @ The Haunt, 17/10/2017

The Verse’s Dana Wigington previews Will Joseph Cook ahead of his show at The Haunt on 17th October 2017. 

Will Joseph Cook came onto the indie-pop scene back in 2015 with EPs such as Proof Enough, enticing a new crowd to listen to his sweet vocals and melodies, creating a 90s nostalgia for many millennials. Will Joseph Cook is finally touring and coming to Brighton. After his previous tours opening for Sundra Karma and touring with TOPMAN On Tour With NME, he is now ready to headline his own tour this autumn with his debut album, Sweet Dreamer.

His title track creates a sun-kissed scene from an indie disco with its upbeat melody and harmonies; like most of the album, it contains a smooth vibe of a never-ending, tropical summer. He delivers an album that is just ‘sugar-sweet’ but without being sickly. Cook conveys a blissful album with a fun theme recurring throughout. With summer hits such as Girls Like Me and Beach – I Wanna Make You Mine, it is no doubt that Cook’s tour will be anything but an hour or so of pure entertainment.

Will Joseph Cook will be playing the Haunt in Brighton on the 17th October, so grab your tickets and be transported to a night of pure summer bliss. Tickets are still available on Songkick here

Will Joseph Cook

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