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REVIEW: Courtney Marie Andrews @ Komedia, 23/04/2018

The Verse’s Tom Evans tells us what he thought of  Marie Andrews’ gig at Komedia on 23rd April 2018. 

I arrived to a fairly packed Komedia in time to catch the majority of Andrews’ support act Twain’s support set. Fortunately, it was not a Shania Twain tribute act. It is a moniker used by Matt Davison. He played a lovely delicate stripped back set. It was just his voice and his guitar. He reminded me a little of Night Beds and a less angsty Jeff Buckley.

He came across as really humble and seemed genuinely pleased to be out on tour with Courtney Marie Andrews. Hank & Georgia and The Sorcerer we a couple of the standout tracks from his set.

Courtney Marie Andrews took to the stage accompanied by a full band. This current tour comes off the back of her recent release May Your Kindness Remain. She has been fairly prolific in terms of album releases as her previous one only came out about a year ago.

Almost as soon as the band began playing and certainly after a couple of songs I noticed a real change in how different she is live than on record. It was pretty much a different artist that was onstage in front of me. Her voice has much more of a country twang and the sound that her and the band produced together had a gospel-like element to it compared to the more stripped back sound on some of her albums.

Rather than just play the new album from start to finish, she interspersed newer songs with older songs from her back catalogue. This was great as we got a mixture of styles from gospel, American and more traditional country and folk. You could definitely hear echoes of Gold-era Ryan Adams, which is never a bad thing.

The set ended with Twain joining for a raucous cover of Little Feat’s Willin.


Featured image courtesy of Laura E. Partain 

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