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REVIEW: Paloma Faith @ Brighton Centre, 12/03/2018

The Verse’s Gemma Turner tells us what she thought of the lovely Paloma Faith’s performance at The Brighton Centre on 12th March.

A considerable amount of Paloma Faith’s appeal is her larger than life presence, and she did not disappoint when she touched down in Brighton for her tour. Introduced by a Samuel. L. Jackson monologue, and dressed in more sequins than a Ru- Paul contestant, Faith wows fans with her self-titled track from her album Architect. With political undertones and the vocals to make any politician stop in their track, Faith has touched down in Brighton.

Accompanied by an 11-piece band, which includes a dancing brass section, Faith makes her show-stopping mark on the audience.

Between songs, Faith took to having a chat with the audience. In the friendly, Cockney persona her fans love, she confessed her insecurities about returning to work after traumatic childbirth and extra maternity leave. She also sung a song dedicated to appreciating the female unperfected body. It was lovely to see Faith engaging and relatable, another trait she is adored for.

Faith spoke of her songs that address topics of social disadvantages faced by her black ex-boyfriend in her song Kings And Queens, and to her rage at Donald Trump in her heavy display of WW3.

Faiths show was not just verbally pleasing, but a real treat to watch with dazzling stage props, dancing and a wardrobe any fashion-forward diva would be envious of. Faith really brought the house down and with some meaningful messages in her songs, it was a pleasure to have her back.

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