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Review: Songs for the End of the World @ The Old Market, 11/03/17

The Verse’s Lou Clement headed down to The Old Market for an apocalyptic themed gig on the 11th March.

The Old Market theatre is laid out with its traditional stalls seating as well as tables; half-theatre half cabaret layout. Some attendees gingerly approach the tables at the front, closest to the stage; whilst others take the centre slots and settle in with wine and anticipation. I’ve chosen a table at the back, although I am a little concerned as to whether there will be audience participation, I’m taking my chances.

The stage is set out with a small screen and several instruments, mostly this looks like a gig. However, the band is costumed and theatrical in their song delivery. The songs are a glimpse into a dystopic future. They seem to address the question, what would it be like to live on the Earth if it was damaged beyond repair? Through the songs and narrative, we learn that there is to be an expedition and the protagonist is set to take a risky journey across space, to help the human race. But, all is not what it seems. There is governmental corruption and this leads to a disturbing storyline of sacrifice and loss. The sounds are influenced by Bowie but also Radiohead.

The songs often sound like white noise and there are experimental influences throughout. It made me think of a desolate and destroyed environment.The music really is the focus, second only to the performances of each member of the cast, as they each have their time in the spotlight. There were some really funny moments which lightened the mood. The writing was succinct and choruses memorable. The backdrop to the music was various pieces of film and I would have enjoyed the visuals even more if they have been on a bigger white screen.

Ultimately, this event was about what brings us meaning, and it drew a familiar theme of love and what it means to us as, which really, is everything.

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