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REVIEW: UoB Open Mic Night @ Falmer, 06/06/2017

The Verse’s Chanelle Manton summarises what she thought of the open mic night held at Brighton University’s Falmer campus, which took place on the 6th June. 

Hosted at The Hive up at Falmer’s campus, this student-led open mic night on the 6th of June facilitated a range of voices through spoken-word poetry and prose. Themed ‘resistance is fertile’, the night boasted talented writers and controversial content, which ranged from pieces inspired by the homeless to political satire, as well as the notable Brighton Fringe-worthy poetry about insect sex, performed by the fabulously funny Emma Robdale.

Despite a modest turn-out, composed mostly of the MA Creative Writing students, the event was a success and demonstrated the importance of expression and, appropriately, the fertility of resistance. Bobby Capper, featured in the image above, headed the event, as well as performing some excellent work of his own. Dr. Jess Moriarty, the course leader of both BA English Literature and Creative Writing and MA Creative Writing, also performed a wonderful poem about motherhood.

My favourite quote of the evening was from a poem performed by Sam Johnson, which was written shortly after Trump’s inauguration:

“I’m crying in the supermarket over f****** laundry bleach” 

Another open mic night will be hosted in October, so don’t miss out!



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