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REVIEW: Vundabar @ The Hope and Ruin, 30/4/18

The verse’s Imara Simpson’s tells us what she thought about Vundabar’s performance at The Hope and Ruin on 30th April 2018. 

The Hope and Ruin welcomed the Boston (Massachusetts) band Vundabar to their stage at the end of April. This was surely a gig not to have missed in order to wish the April showers goodbye. Welcoming the approaching summer. This was truly a special gig purely due to the welcoming crowd, wonderful staff and over friendly band members. Whilst the venue was not heaving with beloved fans pushing their way to the front of the stage in order to get a glimpse of the comedic trio. It did not hinder the evening. For what came to be one of the most enjoyable gigs of the year so far (if I’m allowed to grant this title).

The lead guitarist took the opportunity of having an intimate number of audience members, in order to have little conversations between each song, which proved to be incredibly amusing. Many of the small conversations included: the necessity of keeping hydrated with H2O; ways to hold in urine for a longer duration of time with a rubber band for the male anatomy; differences between British and American culture; to name a few of the nonsensical moments of the gig.

The band played a great range of songs from their recent albums. The intimate audience began swaying along to the sweet tunes right from the start of the first beat. As the gig progressed to its final songs, enthusiastic members of the audience took the opportunity to join the band on stage and show off their dance moves. This was a precious moment of the gig mainly because there was no judgement by anyone. The brave souls that took the plunge to jump on stage only helped members of the crowd who deem to have two left feet to loosen up.

It was incredibly special to see a band with so much individual charisma; not only play wonderful music but also be so engaging with the crowd. This remains to be a gig to remember. The way the music from their albums transformed onto the stage was magical to not only hear but also watch. Vundabar is definitely a band to keep an eye on for the future.

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