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REVIEW: Shanti Celeste, Peach Party #1 @ Patterns, 24/02/18

The Verse’s Lynsey Downie tells us what she thought of Shanti Celeste at Patterns on 24th February 2018. 

From one headliner to another, the first of Shanti Celeste’s Curated By series has been a highly anticipated event.  Following Bradley Zero and Avalon Emerson’s success in 2017,  Celeste had high expectations to meet. Channelling the energy and style of her label Peach Discs, she managed to deliver the perfect blend of house and techno for her first event.

The start of the evening began at 8 pm with a familiar label returning to the stage, a month after the first event of their own Curated By series. Mr Bongo explored reggae and soul elements which set the tone for the evening. At first the crowd was small, but like any other night at Patterns the evening brought a larger crowd and the club gradually filled up. Mr Bongo, a big name and returning favourite of the crowd, stole the attention of the audience away from Methola (club resident) who performed downstairs from 11pm to 12:30am.

Methola was shortly followed by Ciel, who dominated the basement stage for her Brighton debut. Ciel recorded Elevate (Go Off Mix) on Celeste’s Peach Discs, and the influences of this track came through in her performance. Ciel successful warmed up with her focus on bass and trance-like music. The atmosphere she created set the scene for Celeste.

While Ciel was dominating the basement stage, Gardenn’s performance upstairs contrasted with this. The group took a soft approach to techno, taking over from Mr Bongo at 12am. Gardenn are a locally-sourced group of musicians from Brighton; their presence complimented the CDR workshop held by Celeste and Hodge earlier in the week, where individuals could get constructive feedback on their tracks. Both the group and workshop allowed Celeste’s Peach Party to be more than just an event, but a support system for developing DJ’s.

The night finished off with headliner, Celeste herself, alongside Hodge, a fellow Bristolian. They performed from 2am to close, maintaining the atmosphere Ciel had successfully created. Needless to say Celeste out did herself, embodying the essence of Peach Discs not just through her own music but through the supporting artists of the night.

If you missed Shanti Celeste’s Peach Party, her next event at Patterns is on the 26th May 2018.

This will be the second of her Curated By Series featuring Call Super, Peach and Momo.

Mr Bongo will also be returning to Patterns 17th March 2018 for an extended set with Palms Trax, Momo and Wild Fantasy.

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