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STUDENT VOICES: Union Strikes – In Solidarity!

As you all may or may not know, a second strike is hitting Universities across the nation on December 3rd 2013. The strike will affect the everyday workings of the University for one day – with a (hopeful) minimal effect on all students in Higher Education.


The dispute has transpired around the issues of work hours, fair and equal pay as well as acting as a podium to speak out against the commercialisation of Higher Education. The strike carries on from the previous national strike (October 31st – Read the article on it here) which featured a collaboration between unions UCU (Lecturer’s Union), UNISON and Unite (Support Staff Union). The second strike introduces EIS (Teachers union – Scotland) to the mix, only furthering support for the cause.

I stood at the picket lines on October 31th with a few fellow students and enough university staff to block the road leading up to the Falmer campus. It didn’t hit me until I sat in the Corn Exchange (with Brighton TV’s Naomi Segal) that we are all in this together. We need to support each other in this and we need to stand up for what is right. So I ask… Nay… Beg of you, get yourself to a picket line and support those who support you!

In Solidarity, we salute all union members that are on strike on the 3rd. The Verse – Official Student Newspaper for the University of Brighton – is in full support for the union strike and will be standing at the picket lines side-by-side with union members.

We ask all students to stand with us and the unions at the picket lines and join us at the rally in Brighton during the afternoon. If you cannot attend, we ask that you do not cross the picket lines and join us in spirit! Join us in solidarity!

If you were stood out on strike, wouldn’t you want people to support you?

Please email for more information on the strike.


Written by Sophie Mills

The Verse

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